St. Joseph's Catholic College

Post Sixteen


St. Joseph’s Sixth Form is an exciting place to be, based in the centre of the college with state of the art facilities. When we ask our current and past Sixth Form students what they think our strengths are, their replies include the kindness, guidance and support from the pastoral team, through to the quality of teaching and learning.

We pride ourselves on holding the core gospel values central to all that we do, and it is these values that have led to the development of the Sixth Form at St. Joseph’s over the last few years.  Being a part of the Sixth Form is an experience much greater than simply completing subject programmes. There are opportunities to participate in the wide range of whole-College activities, and make a real impact on our younger students.  In addition to this there are further opportunities to achieve extra qualifications such as the EPQ, First Aid and Sports Leadership.

The full house system launched in September 2011 with Sixth Form representatives at the core of house leadership.  All four Houses (Buckfast, Evesham, Glastonbury & Walsingham) have a team of Sixth Form students working with senior leaders and younger students.  This is a great opportunity for real leadership at post-16.

Throughout the courses we offer continued support and guidance in preparation for life after Sixth Form.  This could be in the world of work, apprenticeships or further study. We are proactive in making sure each student is given every opportunity to realise their aspirations, with university visits, as well as additional support and guidance for our Oxbridge applicants. Some students take part in the 'Villiers Park Trust' programme, whilst others receive a wealth of support and information from local employment agencies and local apprenticeship programmes.

St Joseph’s Catholic College is proud of embracing an environment where sixth formers are supported in achieving their goals and are trusted to make an impact on the whole school community.