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Within the community of St Joseph’s, the main source of unity and strength is the person and mission of Jesus. Through prayer, sacrament and witness, the Chaplaincy brings Jesus to life in the school and all its members.

The College’s Chaplaincy works to promote the spiritual development of staff and students at our College through its many forms of outreach.  These include student organisations such as a St Vincent DePaul chapter which participates in local charitable activities, a CAFOD young leaders club, a chaplaincy student group to help with school prayers and the liturgical life of the College, and staff reflections led by the Staff Chaplaincy Team. 

The Chaplaincy Team aims to promote the spiritual well-being of our community.  Our aim is to be is distinctive but inclusive, in the vein of Church Teaching from documents such as Gaudium et Spes, ‘The Church in the Modern World’ (Vatican II) and Pope Francis’ more recent letter, Evangelii Guadium, ‘The Joy of the Gospel’.   We will encourage students who are celebrating the joys and hopes of being young and foster their deepening sense of their own self-worth, in celebration of Human Dignity and with the understanding that we are all called to be saints.  An essential feature of Chaplaincy is relationships based on gospel values, relationships that are built on respect for each person as being created by God, and called by God to participate in His Divine Love, to be stewards and ‘co-creators’ with the Father, promoting Beauty, Justice and Truth.  Finally, the work of the Chaplaincy Team is based on the directives of the Diocese of Clifton and the ethos and pastoral orientation expressed in St Joseph’s mission statement.


The Chaplaincy Team at St Joseph’s
Dr Alex Marra Assistant Leader RE, Chaplaincy Co-ordinator)
Mrs Elizabeth Croft (Administrator and Staff Leader of Student Chaplaincy Club A)
Mrs Beverly Silvester (Staff Leader of Religious Craft Club)
Mrs Concetta Barkham (Staff Leader of SVP)
Mrs Fiona Payne (Head of RE)
Mrs Anna Mancari-Rees (Staff Leader of SVP)
Mrs Zosia Mobey (Staff Reflections, Staff Leader of Student Chaplaincy Club B and Staff Prayer Group)
Mr Tom Barkham (Staff, CAFOD) 


Students and staff have the opportunity of participating in collective worship in a variety of activities.  Examples include:

•Every tutor group prepares and attends at least one class mass or liturgy during the year.

•All year groups attend mass or services to mark the beginning of the academic year.

•All year groups attend services to mark Christmas and Easter and are given the opportunity to attend services of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent, to prepare themselves for individual confession.

•Daily prayer is read in every tutor group at the beginning of each day.



Other Chaplaincy activities include:

•The opportunity of a residential retreat at St Cassian's Centre in Kintbury

•Annual sponsored sleep out for Threshold Housing Link, Swindon's charity for the homeless.

•Distribution of Easter eggs to various outreach centres in Swindon, including the Great Western Hospital.

•Fairtrade in sold through our canteen every Friday.

•CAFOD – supporting justice and peace issues and participating in CAFOD campaigns.

•Family Fast Days.

•Fundraising for various local, national and international charities, including De La Salle projects in the developing world.


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