St. Joseph's Catholic College


In recent years St. Joseph’s students have achieved excellent exam results, realising their ambitions and progressing on to university, apprenticeships, gap years or into full time employment. Below are a selection of some of their recent destinations for those students leaving us in August 2016.

  • Full time ICT apprenticeship
  • Gap year - including auditioning for The Lion King in London's West End, volunteering and travelling
  • Full time employment in retail

Of those who went on to university here are a selection of the degree programmes they went on to:

  • Adult nursing
  • Architectural technology
  • Business and Marketing
  • Creative computing
  • Economics and Finance
  • English Literature
  • Forensic sciences
  • Geography and Natural Hazards
  • Italian and Spanish
  • Law
  • Midwifery
  • Physical Education with QTS
  • Physiotherapy
  • Software development for business
  • Sport and Exercise Sciences

Each academic year brings a new group of Year 13 students making those vital steps along their career path.  For our current Year 13's the group trends are mathematics, computing and engineering with four applications already posted to Cambridge University for these subjects.  We are seeing an expansion of the range of quality apprenticeship programmes in the town and this has led to a steady increase in the number of students interested in taking this career pathway.