St. Joseph's Catholic College

The World Around Us


Year 7

The World Around Us puts Personal Learning and Thinking Skills at the centre of students learning. This course encompasses content from Geography, History, ICT and Drama and challenges students to develop skills that will be crucial for future learning. Students will experience key content from these different subjects with their learning outcomes based on developing independent enquiry, team work, creative thinking, effective participation, reflective learning and self management. It is expected that students will be able to appreciate the importance of these skills and recognise them in later learning. Students will start the year by learning about their own learning capacity and preferences and enhancing their independent learning skills through a project based approach.

How will the year be structured?

TWAU Table 

 What are the Personal Learning Thinking Skills (PLTS)?

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How is student progress measured?

Student progress can be measured in many ways and the skills being developed during the year will support student progress in other subject areas. However, levels of progress unique to this course but encompassing the key skills for History, Geography and ICT are outlined here.